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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 22, 2013 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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it's a plan to combat plan still many people don't like it. the controversial police strategy and the vote that's expected any time now. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. council members decide whether or not to hire outside experts to help police bring down the crime rate. happening now, ktvu's amber lee is live in oakland city hall
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and tells us why the experts and his tactics are causing so much controversy. >> reporter: just a short while ago the police chief addressed the city council and behind me you can see the over flow room where people are watching the proceedings on a monitor. at times emotions ran house as residents speak at the meeting. >> i'm scared to have a black boy in oakland. >> reporter: stop and frisk, it's a policy placed by bratton. >> what he is doing elsewhere it may have worked, doesn't mean it's going to work here. >> reporter: hundreds came to city hall to find out if the city will spepd $100,000 to hire a consulting team -- will spend $100,000 to hire ha consulting team. >> i hear gunshots all day
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sometimes. sometimes all night. who wants to be in that environment? >> reporter: supporters of stop and frisk and bratton says oakland can use all the help they can get. last night's nonfatal shooting of a police officer is just the latest example of the violence hurting oakland. >> if bill bratton can bring the help that our city needs so that black boys and brown boys aren't dying anymore, then i say amen. >> reporter: but some say that stop and frisk is not going to work. >> reporter: this man says he was 13 the first time police stopped him. >> it pushed me into a life of crime.
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>> reporter: there's 200 people stáeul waiting to speak. this meeting will likely go into the early morning hours and of course if there are any significant developments during our newscast we will bring you an update. reporting live, amber lee ktvu channel 2 news. more details now the council is also considering some less controversial measures tonight including funding for a new police academy. adding 21 civilian staffers to the department and working with the alameda county sheriff's department to help patrol the city. an all night search came to an end this afternoon with oakland police rounding up five people thought to be involved in that shooting of the undercover officer. he is out of the hospital tonight after being shot in the arm while taking part in an investigation at 17th and seminary. opd and the alameda county s.w.a.t. team spent 20 hours searching for the suspect. police say two of the five people taken into custody were arrested for parol violations. if you want to see the 49ers play in the super bowl
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it's going to cost you money. tickets offered for resale are going for $3,000 a piece. the niners are offering packages for $2,400 and pregame party. or you can get air fair and hotel starting at $5,500. in 18 minute it is two harbaugh brothers each hoping to take home the super bowl trophy. how sibling rivalry can lead to success in sports. new at 10:00, a fiery debate over a plan to bring hundreds of affordable housing units to los gatos. the community not known for its affordability. matt keller is live tonight at the council meeting and says that critics say the housing prices are unfair. >> reporter: as you can see the meeting is still going, people are sitting in over flow seating. the town is considering a special zoning for this
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property and four others clearing the way for the possibility of high density apartments including about 250 units on this stretch of open road. >> another 60 units going in there. and then way back over there is an area that is probably going to be a lot taller and has 128 units going in there. >> reporter: the problem according to many neighbors is not affordable housing for los gatos but where these projects are going. here where the five properties are located, all within the northern part of town and all within the same raidous. 87% of the affordable housing will be in 14% of the town. >> let's spread it out and be fair. >> reporter: los gatos is in a unique position. the state requires a number of
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affordable housing. but others say the cost at their way of life is too high of a cost. >> our neighborhood is not against affordable housing in any way it just simply cannot afford to be placed in one small section of our beautiful town. >> reporter: the impact is being looked at on how hundreds of students will be on their schools. the city council will discuss and probably vote on this issue in the next five minutes. reporting live in los gatos, matt keller. symbols of love in los gatos may not be lost after all. last week we told you how people were leaving padlocks with inscriptions of love. the bridge is owned by caltrans and doesn't allow the display.
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but now the city says it will offer an alternate venue for locks of love. wall street returned from its three day holiday, several major companies reported growth. google's fourth quarter earnings beat analysts predictions. ibm also beat wall street expectations its shares rose 8% in after hours trading. many investors see ibm as an indicator of technology spending and demand. the ground work for the supreme court battle over same- sex marriage is getting under
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way. supporters of california's ban filed the first briefs with the high court today. the papers argue same-sex marriage goes against tradition. lawyers for same-sex couples are expected to file their arguments next month. firefighters say they are making progress in their effort to stop a fire. authorities say the fire erupted about 11:00 this morning and was burning in a steep area that was difficult to get to. the fire has burned 300 acres and tonight it's 50% contained. crews are hoping to have full containment by tomorrow morning. the america's cup will make it mark on san francisco's waterfront. but it's not all about sailing. jana katsuyama got a look at a
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concert venue and tells us one big name that expected to perform. >> reporter: crews are busy in a venue that is expected to be a viewing area. a 9,000 seat america's cup pavilion will be built. it become used for concerts, and televised viewing of the races. >> this will be the seating area. stage over this way. >> reporter: today america's cup staff took us into the construction zone. >> reporter: all of the our ceremonies, honoring the sailors and the team will be held here. meeting the teams. >> reporter: today they announced that sting will kick off the series giving even nonsailing fans a reason to come to the site.
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>> i guess yeah, it's good. >> it's kind of good. >> having entertainment here just goes with the festive atmosphere. >> reporter: events will run through the summer in july and august. and continuing into september with the america's cup finals. reporting from san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. the grace period is over after weeks of warnings drivers who failed to pay the meter on sundays can now be ticketed in san francisco. to make sure drivers got the message, thousands of warnings were issued again this past weekend. but starting next sunday if drivers fail to pay those meters between noon and 6:00 they can be ticketed. enforcing funding meters will create more parking. i'm tracking where the showers will start and how heavy they can be where you live. four teens caught in a drive by shooting. why a pair of shoes may have
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queen mattresses start at just $699. and save $500 on our special edition bed set. now at the sleep number white sale. new at 10:00, a hot button issue returns to san francisco as the city's police chief renews his push for tasers. heather holmes is live now in the city where members of the
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police commission got an ear full at a community meeting tonight, heather. >> reporter: every top cop since heather fonb in 2004 has lobbied for these devices but without success. everyone who came here are hoping that the current chief's efforts will fail too. >> we have serious concerns. >> reporter: the the proposal to put tasers on police hands is not letting up. >> reporter: chief greg suhr continues to push for a pilot program to arm 500 officers about 5% of the force with tasers after completing crisis intervention training. prelong who's family said was mentally ill had used a boxed
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cutter. he then lunged at a police officer with the bloody box cutter. >> it's sad that an individual lost their life. >> tasers pose a danger, we know that they can kill people and they kill people. >> i would have to see an asian american getting killed simply because he doesn't understand or doesn't speak english. and there was no option but to shoot him. >> reporter: now this police commission sub committee will hold two more meetings with the community and police chief and then they will make the recommendation to the full commission who will then take a vote. heather holmes,. did she or didn't she? the u.s. marine corp. band is now packing off a
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statement about beyonce lipsyncking her stirring rendition. the band said it didn't have an opportunity to rehearse with beyonce. however beyonce may have sang live to her own prerecorded track. the marine corp. says no one in the band is under position to know whether it was live or not. a group of palo alto students got a real surprise today during their visit to the white house. >> however you? >> good, how are you. >> i just wanted to say hi to everybody. president obama, first lady michelle and the first dog bo all greeted students from the peninsula. one of the students told us they were on a public tour when
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they were asked to wait for a special visitor. the students ended up missing their flight but say it was well worth it. the bullet went through here and hit me in the stomach right here. ernesto is one of the victims. his younger brother told ktvu today four men in their early 20s pulled up in front of the family home last night asking questions about whether the teens were gang members then asking questions about their shoes. >> they were asking like questions like do we bang. like no and my cousin had some cortez'. >> the teen says nike cortez athletic shoes are what gang members in the area like to wear. police say the teens wounded last night are not gang members. as ktvu's robert handa tell us the suspects took off in the victim's two cars. >> reporter: police today are looking for two to three men
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that pulled off what officers call a brazen robbery last night. investigators describe the men as latino or pacific islanders. >> they tied up a 74-year-old man and 76-year-old female. they take several pieces of property. and they make their get away in the victim's cars. >> they're shaken up understandably and you're concerned about them because you never know what that could have happened to. it could have been our house. >> the two cars are a green toyota highlander, and a tan colored toyota camry license plate 3ung960. the family of the victims say the couple is very upset and that the other items stolen were mainly electronics and jewelry. the victims were not seriously injured. >> our concern in this case is if these suspects decide to do another crime like this that
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they escalate their violent behavior and perhaps injure or kill somebody. >> reporter: some maybes also point out that another violent crime occurred in the same neighborhood just hours before the invasion. >> an elderly man was dragged out of his car and beaten pretty badly. >> reporter: police are still investigates whether the two incidents were related. and they're asking anyone who saw either incident to call police. and another ban on plastic bags though this time it would be statewide. mark levine wants a wider ban starting in 2015. levine argue plastic bags make up 15% of all the debris polluting the ocean. there's an unhealthy amount
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of particulates trapped on ground level around the area. this is the eighth spare alert day of the season. the clouds have been increasing pretty much all day. it's cloudy out there now and you're starting to see some radar returns just offshore. showers in the bay area forecast as you go into the next 24 hours. north of santa rosa some drizzle showing up just offshore. as it breaks out in the computer model, it's 6:00 a.m. i have showers showing up here. watch what happens as we click it forward. the showers are staying north of the santa rosa. you see the showers start to move into the north bay. these showers have a good shot of having an impact on your afternoon commute tomorrow. as far south as san jose. so she's showers starting to move in. not that heavy, but wet enough to cause issues for the afternoon commute. when i come back i will roll the model all the way through. and we look at your area weekend in view where there are more showers possible. all of that at 10:35, we'll see
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you back here. the top general in afghanistan has been cleared of misconduct. general john allen did not violate military code when he exchanged e-mails with jill kelly. she is the one involved in that scandal that forced petraeus to resign. no word yet if the senate armed services economy will reconsider his nomination. ever snapped a picture of your dinner? the move at some restaurants now to ban cameras. >> also a south bay community overwhelmed by deer. the plan to deal with a population
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residents of a san jose
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retirement committee say they are being overrun by deer. deer have lived in the community for so long they've lost their fear of humans. besides causing thousands of dollars of damage to the landscape each year, some say the tier are a threat to pets and also drivers. now ao wildlife management company plans to start sterilizing the females after shooting them with tranquilizer guns. but critics of the plan say that could be dangerous for the deer. >> it's very stressful for the animals. they've been known to die from the stress of being tranquilized. >> the sterilelyization effort is set to begin this weekend. the plan also calls for 30 deer to be relocated outside of that community. the harbaugh brothers upcoming super bowl faces a
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unique rivalry. >> reporter: sibling rival riff are recorded back to biblical times. the williams sisters rivals but best friends. the manning brothers are competitive. and then there are the harbaugh. >> it's interesting, it's an interesting dynamic. >> reporter: tomorrower track stars reginald and ron richardson know firsthand why sibling rivalry can translate into sports. >> we both pred racing against each other. >> reporter: the identical twins say when they were young the constant competition worked to keep them focused it still works for them but this time as coprincipals as principals in oakland. >> growing up we were very competitive. it makes each other better and ourselves better. >> reporter: the richardson boys say a win for one feels like a win for both of them. it's a scene reiterated by
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other sibling rivalry. >> don't forget your jacket. >> reporter: but have gone on record saying when your sibling beats you it removes some of your sting of losing. >> where's your brother? >> i don't know. >> reporter: the richardsons say they hope ravens coach john harbaugh takes comfort in that when his little brother claims the prize come super bowl sunday. patti lee, ktvu news. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is inspiring some fans to get inked up for the game. they're life sized tattoos replicating those on kaepernick's arm. the website is capper it appears some restaurants are getting a little camera shy when it comes to customers taking pictures of their food. several restaurants are beginning to ban photography
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saying it disrupts the ñçñçñnñmññoñmñw?çç
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students returning to uc berkeley campus today for the start of a new semester are noticing some big changes on the side of the campus. christien kafton is live now where a major construction project is already changing the way students move around the campus. >> reporter: a lot of big changes you can see the sidewalk is closed. you can see the big sign that says this is an active construction zone. in the background you can see
11:59 pm
ezelman hall. ezelman hall will be have to be taken down to make room for a new building. crews work overnight. one of the crucial steps to demolishing the seismically unsafe building and building a whole new plaza. >> ezelman hall is going to be demolished starting in mid- march. we're going to be adding space to the mlk union here. we're going to be making to the plaza. >> reporter: worked kicked over high gear during the holiday break. students returning to class today noticed the changes right away. >> yeah we got e-mails about it that it was going to look different. >> and what do you think so far? >> i don't like it. because we have to walk more. >> reporter: students now have to cross the street to avoid the construction. a bus stop has been moved and a street narrowed all a part of the a redevelopment plan that
12:00 am
will transform the area into what school leaders say will make the area a more welcoming area. the completed project will be worth the money and convenience and construction noise say school leaders. >> it's going to be prettier. and i think it needs to be rebuilt. >> reporter: the student government and other tenant of eshelman hall will be relocated to the new eshelman hall in 2015. we're live in berkeley, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. progolfer mickelson is threatening to move out of california because of tax
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changes. some interpreted his remarks meaning that he's going to move out of the state. mickelson later said that he is not making plans about moving out of california and he apologized. the entire dream liner fleet was grounded worldwide last week after problems with its lithium ion batteries caused an emergency landing in japan. meantime al-nippon is canceling their lines through january 28th. toyota's prius is now number one in california. the prius has ended the honda
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civic reign as the most sold vehicle in california. according to new car dealers association almost 61,000 prius hybrids were sold last year. toyota and honda dominated car sales last year. after the prius and civic toyota's camera came in third followed by the honda accord, toyota co corolla and honda crv. ktvu's tom vacar gives us a close up look at work on the bay bridge and why crews are under the gun to end early. >> the first order of business is we needed to start dismantling the damaged portions of the system. >> reporter: this time as last
12:03 am
time the ship's owners are responsible. >> the initial allocation is $3 million and we hope to come in underneath that. >> reporter: despite many more ships to come, repairs takes time. >> repairs comes in at 91 days, that's monday through friday, so that comes in at 4-1/2 months. when this work is fully done the bridge will be ready for another glancing blow. but as we learned the last time this happened a direct hit would be quite a different matter. the fender system is not invincible. during the cosco busan said a head on hit would seriously damage the tower structure itself causing loss of the use of the bridge. nonetheless-- >> you want to make sure that the fenders are up and running and providing as much protection as possible.
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>> reporter: that's why caltranss will almost surely beat the contract deadline. tom vacar, channel 2 news. the pittsburg city council has just approved a ban on medical marijuana dispensaries. the contra costa times says council members voted unanimously to stop dispensaries from operating. sounding at times as he was given a halftime speech to a team behind, mayor johnson speaks about keeping the kings from leaving town. >> our backs have been against the wall. they told us it was not going to ham. but as long as there's time on the clock our community always finds a way. >> the king's owners have reached an agreement to sell the team to an investment group from seattle.
12:05 am
mayor johnson says since that was announced 19 local donors and businesses have pledged $1 million each to become part owners of the kings. he's also seeking a private equity partner and has about two months to come up with a counter offer. a film about exb.a. r.t. police officer mehserlely is causing a stir. >> do you guys have plans tonight? >> yeah, nothing major. meet with the fellows. >> why don't you take the train out there. >> the film is called fruitvale. it stars oscar winning actress octavia spencer as grant's grandmother. a bay area company offers a pizza recall. the reason for that. and in 10 minutes the possibility of closing city college of san francisco. how leaders are preparing students.
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>> and back here at 10:45, tracking the showers. there's rain in the forecast tomorrow. i'll tell you when it gets here, when it gets out of here and when we dry out. well, well, well.
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abortion on demand, never doubt apology. 40 years ago today the roe v. wade made waves yet the
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fight is still divided. now it's being fought in individual states. a new bill was announced that's expected to expand treatments. supporters say that would help women living in rural areas where abortion services is limited. >> they want to -- to have access to early abortions. san francisco police are asking for the public's help tonight to catch a pair of bank robbers. police released this surveillance picture. one man held employees at
12:10 am
gunpoint demanding money while the other stood by the entrance. police say the two got away in a dark colored vehicle with an undisclosed amount of cash. san francisco police are reminding residents that they need the suspect in an attack of a dog. he robbed a woman, grabbed her dog and threw it into the street. the dog later died of his injuries. police identified the suspect as laurice barrett. he is wanted for robbery and animal cruelty. annies is recalling pizzas because of metal fragments that may have made it into their dough. the metal was found in their
12:11 am
dough and flour after a mesh failed. home improvement giant l owe's has announced plans to hire seasonal employees starting this spring. that works out to 26 hires at each of the chain's 1,070 stores. the company also says it plans to hire another 9,000 people as permanent part time employees. the u.s. postal service is boosting the cost of a first class stamp by a penny to 46- cents for a letter. if you've bought those forever stamps you don't have to worry they will still work. the price change takes effect next sunday. the last postal hike was a year ago this week. teachers laid off and students on a mind. and also ahead, a woman falls in front of an oncoming train. one man's act of heroism to save her. >> and our
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in news of the world tonight, tel aviv prime minister did not come ahead in the votes. the new party is a party who favors peace talks. a u.s. air force transport plane touched down today in the capital. it was one of five flights bringing french troops and equipment. the french began their fight against the islamic extremist in northern mali 11 days ago. and in spain a surveillance camera shows a woman fainting
12:15 am
and falling ton the subway tracks in madrid. other passengers panic as a train is approaching. then a police officer jumps on to the train tracks. he grabs the woman and pulls her to safety on the other side. police say the woman suffered minor injuries. the battle overturning a small patch of land into a dog park near oakland's lake merit may soon be coming to an end. instead the city is now proposing that a half acre of snow park be turned into a fenced dog park. a public hearing on the proposal is set for monday. today city college of san francisco released its worse case scenario detailing what will happen to hundreds of students and teachers if that school loses its accreditation and is forced to close. the urgent deadline the school is facing. >> reporter: at city college of san francisco students are worried. worried where their school will be around any longer. >> it makes it hard coming to school. you don't know what's going on
12:16 am
with the school. >> reporter: city college is prepared to draft a report on how it would handle closing the school if it loses its accreditation this year. >> it's our profound that we don't have to come to that but it's our requirement. >> reporter: the report details steps it would take to help students transfer to other schools and keeping transcripts stored securely. students who have completed 3/4 of their class work can receive a diploma from city college and complete their classes in another college. >> you have to catch the caltrain, bus, too much. i probably won't finish. >> reporter: closure would also mean 1,600 teachers would lose their jobs. >> there's a lot of hope but a lot of concern. there's a lot of upset. >> reporter: city college has until march 16 to file their
12:17 am
report. this comes after the commission had numerous concerns over how the college operating. >> our students are going to be stuck. we hope not, we're working to make sure that doesn't happen. and that will be in large measure what the accreditation commission has to say about the report we file. >> reporter: a final report is expected in june. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. california state university officials say governor brown's proposed budget leaves them nearly $250 million short in funding for the next economic year. in a meeting the vice chancellor said $371 million is needed to pay for everything from maintenance to salary increases. but the governor's budget only gives the school system $125 million. governor brown says it is unlikely the legislature will approve any more money. showers showing up offshore right now into the north of the bay area.
12:18 am
a live storm tracker 2 shows the plume of a tropical moisture coming in. what you notice it won't be the wet. you'll notice the clouds but what you will notice is it'll be warm out there. overnight low temperatures will be in the 30s but it will not be freezing. look for some drizzle tonight into tomorrow morning. but it does not appear to be much of a big deal. especially in the morning hours. more of a light sprinkle event at best. as a matter of fact i think the roadways are dry for your morning commute despite the green offshore. as we get into the afternoon commute, things will change around. these are the forecast overnight lows quite a departure from where we were all last week and really the week before that when every night it was freezing in the inland bay valleys. not the story tomorrow morning. temperatures in the upper 30s to lower 40s. tomorrow clouds increase, looks like there's some showers in the forecast. the extended forecast brings a chance of showers out here perhaps for your bay area weekend. so i'll be tracking that for you. here's the system i'm tracking
12:19 am
now. it has a lot of tropical moisture but it's weak. it's kind of falling apart. you will see it on the computer model. look how it changed up from the five and six. 8:00a.m. right. that's not a big deal. there'll be sprinkles until the area especially in the north bay. wednesday at 10:00 a.m. that's not a big deal there. it's not everyone noticeable. and then it breaks off at 7:00 p.m. i think this whole time it's just going to be real moist and some sprinkles possible. okay. it's not a wash out. i don't think i would cancel my outdoor plans but i do think i would be ready for a few sprinkles here and there. here we are thursday morning, 7:00 a.m. clouds. few sprinkles thursday afternoon but no big deal. not a game changer there. then friday morning and then friday afternoon. shows you a moist flow. none of that is a big deal. based on what i can see right there i wouldn't cancel my plans. i would continue with what i'm going to do. i would just have an umbrella handy and light jacket.
12:20 am
because temperatures as you see here the clouds, despite the clouds, 60 in antioch. kind of warm that's what the nature of the subtropical moisture keeps the tropics on the mild side. this is rain, it's no -t the rain we need because we need -- it's not the rain we need, because we need rain this time of year but it might tweak the door open this coming weekend. these two saturday and sundays those could develop into more of a slight chance. it changed, two weeks rain and now we're starting to go back to a wet pattern. >> and warming up a little bit too. >> warming up a lot. >> thanks bill. >> thank you, bill. pg & e today unveiled a new scanner which can enhance gas pipeline safety. the new hand held laser scanner provides a 3d view to determine the safety and integrity of pipeline. the device can detect potential safety concerns such as corrosion, dense or warping within a pipeline. the new technology can be used in conjunction with other
12:21 am
safety tools to help pg & e test, repair and replace segments of gas pipeline as needed. the loss of a leg is not stopping a professional dancer in haiti. that is george santos the dancer in the red shirt. his leg was amputated from his knee down. he can't dance as fast as he used to or do some of his fastest moves but he now has a dance company and is an inspiration for all those who see him. an outburst at the australian open. what prompted serena williams to lose her cool and take it out on
12:22 am
[ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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that's one down about 500 more to go. crews today unloaded hundreds of truckloads of dirt inside the oakland coliseum to build a track for the monster energy
12:25 am
ama super cross this weekend. promoters will once again store all of that dirt on the grounds of the coliseum complex until it needed again next year. the race is said to start saturday night at 7:00. shark fans are waiting a long time and they are off to a good start. >> it's worth the way at least so far. two games in. i imagine we're going to see a lot of firsts. two for the sharks today. never before have they scored six goals in the first period. they snoozed their way home after that. he's got two tonight that's the power play situation there. 2-0. just 4:50 in it's now 2-1 sharks. joe thornton two assists, one there. no assists, beautifully done to patty marleau. also two goals tonight. that's just a beautiful pass right on the stick. mark edward blastik from way
12:26 am
out will drill it home. six goals on 17 shots in that first period. and the sharks off to a tidety 2-0 start out on the road. it's a story too incredible to believe but considering the credibility of the source its hard not to believe it. greg timprown says his one time coach callahan sabotaged the raiders following the 2002 season. brown changed the entire game plan just two days before the big game. something teammate jerry rice says was highly unusual. why would he do it. according to brown because his good friend john grutin coached the other team, tampa bay who laid a licking on the raiders and most importantly because he quote actually hateed the raiders. the team signing his paycheck. just a weird story. meantime it wasn't so long ago serena williams was the new kid on the block. but youth is served as the australian open by a teenager and serena as you will see just
12:27 am
looking a little bit tired and a whole lot frustrated in her semi final match today after losing a point actually quarter final match to 19-year-old american stevens and that is a racket she won't be using again. meanwhile, you will see young stevens moving on to the finals. following a three set victory. that's match point and a winner's smile as well. out of the wood works they will come every time a local team goes to the super bowl. song writers try to put it all to music now you know what you saw her a month or so again during her kaepernick wrap. the 5-year-old is back. here's her encore. >> ♪ on radio station as i drop this doze of vitamin k ♪ you should already see, as kaeps scores another touchdown to michael crabtree. if that's even a question, all
12:28 am
decked out rocking number seven ♪ >> 5-year-old sarah red says she writes the songs with her older brother. >> she's highly produced. wow. >> future grammy
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